2005 Ford F650 For Sale By Owner In Beavercreek, OH
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2005 Ford F650

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2005 Ford F650
  • Mileage: 43,000 miles
  • Color: Red
  • Interior: Gray


2005 Ford F650 custom truck w/Caterpillar C7 6 cylinder diesel engine, Allison automatic MD3066 transmission and flotation tires. Retractable sunroof, heated leather seats & navigation system.

One of a kind custom built F650 designed to show or tow just about anything imaginable, this big bad pickup on steroids is such an attention grabber everywhere it goes making it the perfect marketing tool for your business or product. This King of the Road pickup truck was one of 40 manufactured by Truck Customs by Chris located in Evans, Georgia.

Based on a shortened Ford F650 cab and chassis, this super truck can tow up to 15 tons with a frame-mounted hitch. But according to the company president only 20% of his customers actually buy the big bruiser for towing. Most buy it for appearances alone. Bystanders not only stop and stare, but often go running inside buildings to fetch others. The first day we tested the truck, it all but emptied out a convenience store, fast-food restaurant and a firehouse. While many things contribute to its magnetism, it is the symmetry of how they come together that is both puzzling and appealing.

The bodylines of the F650 front match up fluidly with the F350 rear, so at first glance; it gives you the sense that it is a new factory model. But then you notice that it’s oversized cartoon-like silhouette is large enough to eat an Escalade or Hummer, so it must be a very good custom. Here is how they are built.

The truck is started with a Ford F650 cab and chassis and saws it in half. The chassis is then shortened three feet and welded back together. One drive shaft is removed and the remaining two are rebalanced. Battery boxes and air tanks are relocated and new polished step fuel tanks are installed below the driver and passenger doors. Despite the new location of all these components, there are not tees or splices in the lines. All new wire harnesses and hoses for each unit were used. An F350 dually pickup bed is then mounted to a custom “z” channel sub frame assembly that allows the bodylines to match up well with the F650 crew cab body.

To improve aesthetics, the paint is wet-sanded to a glass-flat surface and four coats of clear were applied. This results in a mirror-like show car finish. The owner will have an auto restoration company remove the current logo and repaint using the same technique. Brilliantly polished aluminum wheels and steps are added along with mirror covers, mud flap holders and other appointments. Some vehicles, as this truck are custom painted.

One of the most amusing exterior accessories is the trio of freight train air horns that are purchased from Grover Locomotive and then chrome-plated. The horns are mounted trumpet-end down, inside the passenger wheel well and, holy cow, are they loud. My lab still runs when the truck starts up after he experienced a blast from the horns the first day it was brought home.

Inside, the crew cab also goes through a conversion process. The factory interior is removed in its entirety, so the walls, ceiling, floor and doors can be insulated with 3M sound deadening material. This goes a long way toward squelching road noise from the chest-high Goodyear’s and quieting the big diesel’s thunder.

Upon completion, the interior is straight out of a luxury SUV. Finishes and conveniences are top of the line, including heated leather seats, leather wrapped steering wheel and carbon fiber dash accents. Standard electronics on the Extreme Ford F650 include a discreet flush mounted back up camera and an Alpine entertainment system that can range from mild to wild. Ours featured an in dash AM/FM/CD/DVD stereo with a seven inch motorized monitor. Additional color LCD screens are located in the back of the driver and passenger head rest. Each LCD can be controlled individually. Four 10 inch subwoofers and twin 1150 watt amps mounted behind the back seat give the sound system killer bass that you can feel in your chest and hear 50 feet outside of the truck.

Over $26,000 in options on this truck with majority listed below:
• Floatation Tires
• Alpine entertainment Supreme Stereo 1DVD and 2 10s
• Alpine navigation system
• 2 headrest monitors
• Mirrors, Sail Type Power
• Rear Wide View Color Camera
• Power Sliding Rear Window
• Wood grain dash and accents
• Leather Trim Package
• Chrome triple train horns
• Dual Stainless 107 gallon gas tanks
• Stainless steel door handles and mirrors
• Clear finish truck
• Sun Visor
• Front diamond mud flaps
• Topper MX series
• Clothes rod
• Fabric head liner
• Full entry rear door
• Full topper with sliding side windows.